Benefits Of Email Marketing For 2024 – Top 14!

benefits of email marketing
Ravi Davda Rockstar Marketing CEO

Written by Ravi

Dec 22, 2020

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Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, using your marketing budget as wisely and proficiently as possible is key to getting the most return. All marketing strategies have their advantages. However, the benefits of email marketing are often overlooked.

That could be because people see other methods as more up-to-date or think that emails are seen and ignored. However, both of those points are simply not true.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is not dead – far from it. Whether you’re on social media or wanting receipts for your online purchases, to have any online presence, you need an email address. That makes email marketing perfect for reaching a wide audience that can give you real benefits.

While there are more benefits to email marketing, we have compiled some of the most prominent reasons you should consider it as your next step.

Email Marketing is Cheap

Of course, email marketing still costs money. However, when you compare them to some of the more mainstream methods, they are minimal. You do not have to pay for prints, postage, space in magazines, or any other pot-luck methods.

If you have a large email list, you will have to pay for a provider to automate the emails, track conversions, and measure success. However, that is significantly lower than your alternatives for such a wide reach.

Existing Audience

Who sees your billboard? Who looks at your Facebook Ads? Watches the TV just at the time your Ad runs? Who has the radio on the right channel at the right time to hear your commercial? Does anyone even open your promotional leaflets when they land on their doormat? These and other questions are ones you will only ever get the answer to when you get leads from them.

However, whose email addresses do you have? The only way you can get those is through an existing interest in your service. They are already engaged with you and your company. That leads to a higher number of leads and conversion rate than most other channels.

While there is a possibility to buy email lists, that is one of the worst things that you can do for your business. You can get negative reviews from people that you send emails to who have not consented.

Targeted Emails

While this point may seem very similar to the point above, it is not. If you have a business that deals with more than one product, you can get email leads from different places such as specific areas of your website, or certain social media pages where you only share one type of service such as gym trial memberships.

benefits of email marketing for businesses

When you have that visibility in your customer base, you can send people emails that resonate with their current interests and requirements.

Content Adaptability

With email marketing, you can send different emails to test groups and see which convert better. Then, you can send the highest performer to the remainder of the list, and remember what worked for next week when you have another campaign to send out.

That costs a fraction of the price of most advertising methods, even if you have to pay a designer to create an email template.

Benefits Of Email Marketing – Simple To Start

If you are starting your business, marketing can be overwhelming and confusing. However, email marketing is different because it is so simple. Yes, some emails that you get will have embedded videos or expensive graphics. However, you do not need to do that for your first, or any, email campaigns. Some companies prefer to use simplicity as one of the benefits of email marketing and use text alone.

However, if you feel like you should have more interactive email content, many platforms offer simple drag and drop editors that require little to no technical experience.

Simple To Measure

Take a look back at a few of the other points above. Now think; how can you measure any of them? You have no idea who is seeing your adverts. The only way to know where your new leads and customers are coming from is to ask them or guess the link between a phone call and TV Ad running time.

Another huge benefit of email marketing is that the software that you use will track your open rate, click-throughs, sales from that email, etc. That makes it very simple to see where you can improve. For example, if you send an email with the subject: Come to the Gym, and you have very few opens, you can send the next batch of emails with a different subject line such as Your Membership Expires Soon! Act Fast! And so on, until you have the right combination of all elements.


One of the other benefits of email marketing is that people like to share content that they like. When you have the email set out in a profitable way, your email will be forwarded to their friends, family, and maybe even shared on social media.

main benefits of email marketing

Other channels like TV Ads cannot be shared, and the viewer needs to recite the message in the same compelling way as you for it to have any impact.


When you receive an email that excites you with a product, service, or special membership offer, you go into a different mindset. Furthermore, you are already on your laptop or phone, where you make all of your online decisions, check out company offers, etc. That is not something that only happens to you. Everyone who opens a targeted email for a service they already have an interest for, if the email is produced correctly, are in the same position.

You can see traffic and lead increases within minutes of sending an optimised email. However, you could be waiting days for a postal advert to make any impact.

Timed Offers

One of the most proven ways to increase leads is through a price reduction sale or special offer. You have probably started to notice sale signs in almost every business you go into now. However, an increase in performance on that method is a timed or flash offer.

Now, all of the people you are sending the emails to are already primed to your product, service or business offer. They gave you their email address. They receive an email that is optimised, putting them into the “buyer mentality.” Then they find out they only have 24 hours to act on it. There is a lot less chance of those people risking forgetting about the email. Therefore, they go straight to your site and you get a lead.

With the minimum of a week for most other types of advertising campaigns, you do not have the ability to provoke urgency as you do with emails.

Time Optimisation

Let’s take another look through some of the other options we have for marketing for a second. Furthermore, we will look at when people see them:

  • TV ads – You have settled down to watch your favourite show.
  • Billboards – Commuting to or from work.
  • Radio – At work.
  • Social Media – Looking at what your friends are doing.

The list can go on.

None of the above times is when you are in the right frame of mind. Even if you are, you are likely to forget the Ad before you get time to act on it. With email marketing, you can send emails at any time of day. That makes it very easy to pick when people are in the right frame of mind, and when they will buy your product.

As a little hint, the most popular times to buy online is between 8pm and 9pm, Mondays and Thursdays.

Benefits Of Email Marketing – Brand Awareness

Providing you create relevant and useful emails (not only sales pitches), you can show your brand to more people, more often than many mainstream marketing methods. Your phone or laptop often has your undivided attention,

benefits of email marketing campaigns

There is a marketing saying, “the rule of seven.” That suggests that you need to hear a message seven times before you will take action. However, on the other side, you need to see a brand name seven times before you remember it. That is not too many if you consider that all of the people in your email list have already seen your brand at least once.

Traffic Increase

Traffic to your website is one of the main goals, and it is also one of the more overlooked benefits of email marketing. It is not only a sale that you want. You want people to see your other services, choose between what you offer. Maybe you run Ads for other companies on your website to generate revenue. However, most of those Ad campaigns are useless without traffic.

A well thought out email can provide you with spikes in traffic that can even out into consistent visits. That is a huge help to brand awareness and leads alike.

Surveys For Increased Customer Satisfaction

Email marketing isn’t only about increasing leads when you send them. It would be best if you also considered sending satisfaction survey emails out to see how you can improve your business for the people who make your business a success.

Without knowing what to change, you are always in the dark.

Huge ROI

Depending on where you look for your information, you will see different results for ROI. Some say the average return is 38:1; others say it is 122% ROI. However, if you look at those figures; it is clear to see that there is a huge ROI.

In fact, it is one of the largest Returns of Investment that you are likely to get.


When you look at how much benefit you can gain from email marketing, and how easy it is, there is no reason why you should not be using it. If you do it properly or have someone who knows what to do help you, you have a simple, effective way to increase everything to do with your online presence with tremendous efficiency, and even bigger returns.

If you would like help with your email marketing campaign, please contact us, we are happy to help you.


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