Best AI Tools for Sales Lead Generation

Ravi Davda Rockstar Marketing CEO

Written by Ravi

Jul 27, 2023

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ChatGPT’s generative AI model has set the tone for AI-powered tools, and SaaS companies are quickly tuning themselves to match market needs. There are numerous AI lead-generation tools out there, and some are better than others. The best ones will integrate with software you already use, such as your CRM. They will help you analyse customer behaviour and give insights for improving your lead generation pipeline.

Using the best AI tools to help with automated lead generation will save you time and money, so you can increase your profit margins. If you don’t use AI tools to streamline and boost sales lead generation, you won’t be able to compete effectively with a company using AI for this purpose. Here are some of the best AI tools for sales lead generation.

Use AI email creation tools for lead generation

Lead generation allows companies to find potential customers and guide them through the sales funnel. Email lead generation mainly leverages opt-in forms. It gathers leads through data such as names, email addresses, and telephone numbers. Statistics show email lead generation success can be 40 times greater than other methods.

Active Campaign leverages AI to deliver customised messages to your audiences right on time. It works both as a CRM tool and for automating email marketing. It organises all your leads, customers, and contacts, ensuring you don’t lose any through leaks. It identifies potential leaks and alerts your sales team to take action and seal them. Using the tool ensures you close more deals through your email marketing campaigns. Its key feature is more than 500 pre-built automations. It combines all your email campaigns, CRM, and email automation and segments your messages for email, text, social, chat, and messaging.

Another similar product is Leadpages which helps you build landing pages and collect leads. It collects quality leads by growing your email subscriber base through opt-in offers. The tool delivers conversion-optimised content. It helps optimise your sales through quality conversion pages and built-in checkouts. You can use the tool to view your email campaign’s performance with its real-time tracking feature.

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Chatbots can reach customers where they are

Chatbots for lead generation use AI power to drive conversations that help potential customers take an interest in your brand. Through conversational marketing, the bots gather contact details from potential customers and enter them into your contact database. It also shares useful information when customers make requests. It can be information about product suggestions or the contact information of the sales rep to contact.

Landbot is one of the most powerful conversational chatbots on the market. It uses AI to turn your online traffic into qualified leads. It does this by engaging prospects in customised conversations and capturing their data with less friction. It identifies potential online leads and routes them to the right page or sales rep. It features prebuilt blocks to help you automatically score leads and move chats to humans in an instant. The bot creates a seamless flow of information from potential customers to sales reps.

GetJenny is another powerful bot that allows your brand to automate conversations and tasks. Through texts, the bot asks relevant questions to qualify leads and book meetings with sales reps at scale. It collects important lead data and proposes the best meeting times. If the customer agrees, the bot automatically sends booking information to sales teams. It can be set to generate reminders for meetings to ensure sales teams do not miss any meetings with customers.

Find potential leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Navigator uses AI to help you find potential leads on LinkedIn. It has powerful search capabilities and gives you more visibility into extended networks. Its personalised algorithms can help you reach the right decision-makers at the right time if you have a B2B business. Its search feature gathers information across multiple channels to provide you with quality data for making decisions.

Integration with your CRM allows for capturing activities and frees up time for selling. You can quickly identify individuals and companies that are a good fit for your product or service. Connecting and conversing with these prospects is easy using LinkedIn’s messaging and content-sharing features. In this way, you can start to build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Streamline sales processes 

A streamlined sales process can help you understand your target market and create targeted sales and lead-generation campaigns. Streamlining also helps you track progress and create a good online reputation for your brand.

LeadFeeder allows sales reps to manage leads by offering data about their prospects. Sales teams get data about who visited your website, how they heard about your brand, and the products they have an interest in. The tool also qualifies your leads through its custom segmentation feature. It provides insight for your sales teams on who to contact. Its email finder uses AI to connect your team with potential customers through email.

The feature helps you source emails quickly to build lasting relationships. The tool is useful for nurturing leads and keeping your sales processes streamlined. A sales outreach strategy involves various tactics, including email outreach, cold calling, and more. Leadfeeder allows you to integrate the tool with other sales-boosting tools like Salesforce, where you can share all your sales content with your team and create a performance report.

Create on-brand content writing

ChatGPT is in trend but a tool that leads the race in creating authentic-like content is Jasper, which is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you to write on-brand content. It is one of the best AI copywriting tools and saves time when creating content. You can use it to create original content for a blog, email marketing, sales copy, paid ads, and more. Select your brand tone of voice, tell it what you want and it will get to work.

You can train Jasper on your brand identity, style guide, and product catalogs. It will even scan your website to learn more about your brand so it can stay on tone and adapt to different styles within your brand. It will help you to stay consistent in what you create. Jasper’s AI engine not only infuses your content with recent search data and your brand voice but also optimizes it for SEO and checks grammar.

Optimise team performance

Lead generation optimisation allows you to get more information about your online traffic and identify its specific traits. It allows you to nurture strong relationships with leads through methods such as content and email marketing. Optimisation can help you create dependable processes that raise the credibility of your sales processes.

SetSail is an AI-powered tool that lets you do activities that win leads and optimise sales. It collects data across your marketing channels and detects activities that your competitors do to close more deals faster. The tool keeps your Salesforce analytics updated so that it is current, accurate, and complete all the time. It provides you with a view of which activities are winning and which ones are underperforming. This way, you can optimise your lead generation and sales activities to boost revenue growth.

An alternative to SetSail is which enhances your sales funnel execution through improved data.  Its revenue intelligence feature provides you with actionable insights into your leads, customers, processes, and sales strategy. The insights help you focus on the right customers and accounts in the funnel.

Enhance sales team collaboration

Collaboration is important for the success of sales lead generation. It can allow your brand to reach out to new markets, and networks, and capture more leads. Collaboration requires working with top tools that enhance the collaboration of your sales team across different locations.

Pipedrive is built by salespeople to be used by sales teams to scale sales growth. Its team collaboration feature allows sales teams to share and update data on sales wins and activities. Its AI integrations allow you to automate processes to optimise your sales lead generation strategy. The tool syncs all your sales data into one place. It lets your teams visualise all sales processes in the pipeline.

Each individual can update deals in the tool through its drag-and-drop feature. The data is then automatically updated across your teams. Your teams can schedule reminders to ensure no important follow-up is left out. Its lead segmentation features segmenting and sorting out leads for targeted and personalised campaigns. Your entire team can view activity history, including telephone calls, meetings, and emails.  It can be integrated with a variety of tools, such as Linkport to capture LinkedIn contacts and Lemlist for email outreach campaigns. According to research, sales teams spend 40% of their time selling and the rest on admin tasks. Using Pipedrive can help change this percentage.

Deliver personalisation and relevance at scale

The purpose of personalisation in sales lead generation is to create a meaningful and memorable experience for your leads. It helps build trust, boost credibility, and convert more leads into customers. AI-based personalisation tools collect data based on the behaviour and intentions of leads. It segments visitors and takes them through the customer cycle through the right channels.

Uberflip is one of the personalisation tools that capture leads for your brand to drive growth. It organises content and sends it to visitors based on their behaviour. Its interface contains clear calls to action and a form embedded into the content. The CTA forms are non-invasive allowing visitors to decide when they want to share their contacts. The aim is to help build trust and share valuable content with leads. The tool integrates with top sales automation platforms to easily migrate lead capture data into your MAP systems.

Ortto uses webinars to generate more leads for your business. To maximise its potential, divide your webinars between existing customers to increase engagement and potential customers to generate leads. The tool allows you to promote your webinars across multiple channels, encouraging people to sign up for the meeting/training.

It allows leads to sign up on the channel they are on without having to visit a different page. You can also send customized emails with personalisation tools. Some more targeted cold email campaigns can earn as much as a 60% response rate.

Future applications of AI in lead generation

Lead Generation World (LGW) brings together industry experts who want to improve their lead generation campaigns. They share their insider tips about lead generation, including how AI will influence its future. According to the experts, even more personalisation will happen as AI technology continues to evolve. This will include personalised product recommendations based on customers’ behaviour in real-time or their current location.  

AI will also play a crucial role in optimizing marketing content for voice search. More voice assistants will be used in the future for lead generation. The use of Emotion AI in marketing will increase. Analyzing customer emotions will help with tailoring marketing messages.


AI tools are revolutionising the field of lead generation. They enable you to understand your customers better, personalise your marketing efforts, and easily find leads. Some tools, like Drift, work well with chatbots and lead generation. Others, like SetSail, help with revenue management and sales rep optimisation. You need to choose AI tools that are affordable and yet do what you want them to do. As AI technology keeps evolving, even more innovative sales lead tools will be available. If you embrace them, you will be in a better position to meet the ever-changing expectations of customers.

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