Facebook Ads Tips That Will Grow Your Business in 2024

facebook ads tips
Ravi Davda Rockstar Marketing CEO

Written by Ravi

Jan 15, 2021

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Facebook is the world’s leading social media platform with billions upon billions of users. And it’s becoming more and more popular for businesses to use it for advertising purposes. Yes, this is how Facebook make the majority of their revenue. Maybe you’ve never used Facebook Ads. Maybe you have, but didn’t quite understand how they worked. Not to worry… In this article, we’ll give our best Facebook Ads tips and tricks on how to properly use it to grow your business.

Facebook Ads Tips

At one point in the past, small and medium businesses had no data about their customers online. They had to do it the old hard way – flyers, TV Ads, newspaper Ads, and more. The internet changed this. Online advertising is becoming more and more popular, and there’s no better way to get started than with Facebook Ads.

Whether you’re thinking of getting started, or are reading this because you want your Facebook Ads to perform better, let’s dive in with our top 13 Facebook Ads tips.

Top 13 Facebook Ads Tips

Here are our 13 top tips we recommend for anyone trying to grow their business.

#1 – Have a Vision

“What do you want your Ad to do?”- this is the most important question you should ask yourself before advertising on Facebook. You need to know whether you want to increase your sales, improve your brand awareness, get more website clicks, or simply get more engagement.

There are different objectives for advertisements, and that is where your vision plays a key strategic role. You will already know what you want your Ads to do before you start, otherwise, you’re just shooting in the dark!

#2 – Be Aware of Your Audience

You need to have an insight into your audience’s mind. Who they are, what are they looking for, and why would they buy your product or service, or even look at it? These insights provide you with a thorough knowledge of the psychology of your targeted audience.

Choose your targeted audience wisely because you don’t want your Ads to be unnoticed. The right audience will not only notice but will also engage and respond to your Ad copy. Having insight into your audience will help you make better converting Ad campaigns, resulting in better engagement, traffic, and sales (this is what we want, of course!).

#3 – Images Speak a Thousand Words

Words cannot match a picture’s speech, so if you want to make your Ads appealing and catchy, there is nothing better than an image (or video!) that best describes your purpose.

The image needs to depict your Ad and your intention and story behind the Ad to make your audience emotionally connected to you. This way, people will be moved by your Ad, and the chances of its success will increase substantially.

#4 – Choose Your Content Wisely

When writing content for your Ads, make sure to write a line that hooks your audience, then add value to your content by telling your audience about the benefits they will get by clicking your Ad.

Next comes the “call to action” which means what you want your audience to do. This can range from asking them to follow your page, visit your website, download your app, or buy your product.

AB Testing

#5 – Test Your Ads (Also known As AB Testing)

We highly recommend making some Ads and with different copy and then observe which Ad is engaging more people. Turn off the other Ads and promote the Ad that has the most engagement and audience. AB testing can prove to be critical when starting a new campaign.

It’s important to analyse the data you gather. Good AB testing can be money well spent that acquires a higher level of awareness when it comes to your targeted audience.

#6 – Retarget Your Audience

This is one of our most important Facebook Ads tips. There will be people who visit your website but don’t purchase anything the first time around. Or even the second. Or third. Your product is, however, somewhat familiar to them. Therefore, we would suggest you retarget them. If you do, the chances of them buying your products or services are higher.

Continue doing so periodically if they still don’t, but don’t be a nuisance! It’s a very fine line between the two.

#7 – Have a Landing Page

We acknowledge how important a landing page can be, yet how underrated it has remained. In some instances, we would recommend you make a landing page so when your audience clicks on the “Learn more” icon in your Ad, they automatically move to your landing page. Here, you can write longer copy for your product or service, and add more features and benefits of buying with you.

You can also ask them about their contact number and or email in exchange for a free guide or a discount. Once you have successfully acquired the user’s phone or email, you can market to them over and over with little to no cost.

#8 – Invest in Marketing (No Cutting Corners!)

Invest in Marketing - Facebook Ads Tips

Marketing is probably the most important part of any business. Without it, you essentially don’t have a business. That is why we would advise you to have a reasonable budget for your marketing. It will decide your business’s future.

The more significant the budget, the more fantastic the opportunity to invest in your business to gather more insights and data on your audience and properly engage them for your business’s desired action.

#9 – Make Sure Your Ads Initiate Sales

If your Ad has gained enough exposure, hundreds of shares, and comments, yet you are not getting any money and sales, what is the point of these Ads? You’re marketing your product or service in order to make money, of course.

You have to make sure that your Ads are compelling enough so that your audience to invest in your product or service. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to run them long-term.

Which leads us nicely into #10 of on our list of Facebook Ads tips…

#10 – Have a Long Term Plan

If you invest £500 in your Ad campaigns and are not getting enough money in return, what would you think at that point? Do you think it’s worth continuing? Some would say no…

We think differently. In the short term, you may not be getting any profit. But in the long term, your customer lifetime value adds a lot more than £500 to your overall profit. Try not to have a shallow vision, but instead, be a long-term planner.

Always invest in data first.

#11 – Build Enough Brand Awareness

What if your Ad is popped up on the feed of someone who has not even heard the name of your company or website? They may scroll past it, for sure. This could result in little to no results after spending money on promoting your Ads.

It’s because you haven’t built brand awareness. Promote your content and let them recognise your name as a brand before you can sell to them. After this, you can easily target them again with your Ads. This will increase your interaction and response rate.

Similarly, an audience who has purchased from you earlier and knows about your brand or website will be more likely to react to your Ads. So this main distinction divides your audience in two.

#12 – Stop Just Trying to Sell

We highly recommend creating relatable and emotional content that your audience can relate to, instead of just trying to sell from the offset.

Give them a line to read, an incentive that they should choose you and learn more about your content without just spamming their feed with offers. Emotionally connect them to your brand, and you will never run out of customers.

#13 – Do Not Stop Experimenting

Some of your Ad campaigns may seem a failure to you at first due to the lack of engagement. However, never stop experimenting with your Ad campaigns because it’s going to be worth it in the long-term.

Many companies have noticed the Ads they think will attract more audiences tend to be a failure, and the Ads they consider clichè or boring bring traffic and sales. (Remember AB Testing?) That’s why we always recommend testing and acquiring data, and then acting on it.

Try every creative idea that comes to your mind for your Ad campaign (within reason, of course!).


Marketing your business is crucial and doing it in the right way is very important, so make sure to think and have a vision before investing your money in Facebook Ads. In fact, this is the exact reason why we produced this article on 13 Facebook Ads tips.

At Rockstar Marketing, we offer Facebook Ad management as well as other digital marketing services. If you’re interested, pleased book a call with us. Otherwise, we wish you the very best of luck in growing your business via Facebook Ads.


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