How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals in 2024

google ads business goals
Ravi Davda Rockstar Marketing CEO

Written by Ravi

Feb 24, 2021

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Every time we ask a business ‘how can Google Ads help you advance your business goals?’, we get inconclusive answers. It’s because many businesses do not know the potential advantages of integrating Google Ads into their marketing strategies. Some feel that it’s too complex and cumbersome, which is untrue.  

Others think that SEO is a more advantageous marketing strategy. We don’t doubt that. SEO is a terrific marketing strategy. But it does not mean that Google Ads is any less beneficial. In fact, most of our successful clients use a mix of both these search disciplines to achieve excellent results.

How can google ads help you advance your business goals?

So, let us ask that question again. How can google ads help you advance your business goals? Here are the top 6 ways:

#1 – It propels your business off to a flying start

Google Ads are instant. You speak to a Google Ads expert, set a budget, do your keyword research and create a campaign. The moment the campaign gets published, your Ad goes live in front of millions of Google users in the UK. Almost instantly, your business starts to appear on page 1 of Google search. It starts to get views from potential customers.

For a moment, imagine trying to rank for that keyword in organic search instead. It would take months or even years of continuous effort. You’d have to spend a sizeable amount of money towards content, building backlinks and social media marketing. Even then, it’s not guaranteed whether Google actually considers your site authoritative for it to rank.

Google Ads on the other hand will propel your business to page 1 of Google, right away. The cost might be higher in the longer run. But the results are instantaneous.

Do you know that 50% of traffic that visits your website from Google Ads are likelier to buy from you? That’s in comparison to the ones who land on your site from organic search. While there are no conclusive studies on this yet, we believe that this may have to do with buyer intent.

#2 – How can Google Ads help you advance your business goals? You get razor targeted traffic

google ads business
The different types of Google Ads

A skilled Google ads marketing company will be able to create ad campaigns with razor-sharp precision. After all, Google Ads allows you to tinker and tweak every campaign down to the tiniest of detail.

The targeting has constantly evolved over the past several years. In its current form, it is so effective that you have options galore to narrow down on your audience.

Here’s an overview of some of the ad targeting options that you have.

  • Audience targeting – Target using demographics, affinity, in-market (people who have been searching for products like yours), customer intent, related interests and remarketing.
  • Content targeting – Target using topic, placement on websites frequented by your customers and of course, keywords.

Further, here are the different types of Ads that you can choose from:

  • Search Network Ads – These Ads will be shown on all websites in the Google search network including Maps (Local Businesses), Google Shopping, YouTube and Google search.
  • Display Network Ads – These Ads are shown on Gmail and YouTube, which are a part of the Google display network
  • Shopping Ads – Shopping Ads offer an excellent opportunity for e-commerce websites. It uses a website’s shopping data to position ads on Google search. The visibility is excellent and it uses a carousel interface.
  • Video Ads – Video Ads are touted to be the next big thing on Google Display network. YouTube’s rise has been nothing short of phenomenal. It’s no wonder that Video Ads offer terrific engagement rates.
  • App Ads – There are tons of Google publishers that display ads on mobile apps. These include Google Search, YouTube, Ad Mob, Discover & Google Play.

With so many options, you can narrow down your targeted traffic with a lot more control. This can greatly increase your rate of conversion. It all boils down to how effective your marketing team is though. So ensure that you work with a Google marketing team that has the skill and experience needed to create effective Ad campaigns.

#3 – You can increase brand awareness

google my business ads
Google ads can help increase brand awareness

Sometimes we hyper-focus on click-through rates, leads and conversions, ignoring the more innate benefits of Google Ads. One of them is increasing brand awareness. Ipsos, a data marketing firm partnered with Google to verify this.

They discovered that Google Ads helps improve Top of mind awareness (TOMA) by 6.6% on average. This was consistent across a number of verticals. 12 to be precise. Why is that number so significant, you wonder?

It’s because TOMA is considered the first step towards brand building. It’s roughly defined as the first brand that a person recalls when a specific product or service is mentioned. By increasing TOMA by 6.6%, Google Ads will increase your brand’s recall value.

#4 – It places your business inside Gmail Inboxes

Google has had a massive impact on our lives and continues to do so. It is estimated that the average Briton spends almost 16-hours every month on Google websites. Add to this two hours that they spend every day on their mobile phones. What does that tell you?

That’s a massive target market for any business. In 2015, Google Ads made it even better. They introduced Gmail Ads, which allow businesses to target ad slots in Gmail inboxes. There are two advantages to Gmail Ads over conventional Ads:

  1. It would be fair to say that most Google users in UK have a Gmail account, which they might use for work or for personal use. Even if a user doesn’t log on to Google search and actively search for a product, they still might check their email. Gmail Ads are placed in the social and promotions tabs inside Gmail Inboxes. They automatically get highlighted when a person logs on. This can be an underrated opportunity for businesses.
  2. Gmail Ads are typically lower priced than normal Google search Ads. Even if you are a small business with limited marketing resources, you can get all the benefits of Google Ads.

KCB Group, a financial company based in Africa, used Gmail Ads for 14 days. Guess what business goals they achieved? They surpassed their new accounts targets by a whopping 227%.

#5 – How can Google Ads help you advance your business goals – By helping you control your marketing spend

google advertising agency
How Google ads can help you advance your business goals

Google Ads are too expensive!’ That’s one of the oldest gripes that we’ve heard from businesses. Well, that’s partly true. Google Ads are a form of PPC marketing. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. You will pay for every person that clicks on your ad, irrespective of whether they convert or not. In principle, that sounds like a shortcut to drain away your limited marketing budget.

But that’s where Google Ads and Facebook Ads are so effective. It’s the most transparent form of digital marketing that we’ve used. You get access to every tiny bit of information about your advertisement campaign, including:

  • The number of users who clicked on your Ad
  • The conversion rate
  • The volume of traffic that a campaign is generating
  • The exact keyword combo/ Ad group that is delivering the most ROI
  • The cost for every lead/sale that you generate from it

Getting real-time access to this data allows you to tweak campaigns and make changes instantly. You can stop a campaign at any moment and your Ad spend stops too. You can weed out underperforming keywords and target new ones immediately.

#6 – Stay one step ahead of the competition

Google dominates 85.7 % of the search marketplace in the UK. You might be sceptical about running Google Ads but your competitor might not. With so many features on offer, they might be just one step away from ranking for some of the best keywords for your business. Imagine the sheer volume of business that will go to your competition.

Now’s the right time for any business looking to stay one step ahead in the game to consider Google Ads.

We can help you set up Google Ad campaigns

At Rockstar Marketing, we have been setting up highly successful Google Ad campaigns for our clients. Our campaign development and management are based on a series of best practices that we have created through keyword research, analytics and conversion tracking.

Be it driving more traffic, or generating more leads, our skilled team is here to help you out. Click here now to speak to us.


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