A LinkedIn Advertising Freelancer That Consistently Gets B2B Leads

Rock your B2B Sales with Rockstar Marketing’s LinkedIn Ad Services

My tailored LinkedIn advertising freelance services will help you get targeted B2B leads by:

You may be wondering about the benefits of LinkedIn advertising. If you are, here’s a stat: 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. Yes, 94%! And your website and business can get higher visibility if you have effective LinkedIn Ads. Abracadabra – more B2B sales leads. 
Getting great LinkedIn Ads results doesn’t come easy however. If it did, everyone would be doing it. It requires research, understanding of the different types of LinkedIn campaign types, and optimising your approach as data starts to come in.

At Rockstar Marketing, I understand that everyone wants to make the most out of the world’s largest B2B platform on the lowest budget possible. As a LinkedIn Ads freelancer, I work closely with you and your business to ensure you’re getting the best results possible.

My LinkedIn campaigns will turn your business into one of LinkedIn advertising success stories. 

Prices start from £50 per hour (+ your Ad spend is extra!)

My LinkedIn Ads freelance services will rock your B2B marketing

Any B2B business that isn’t advertising on LinkedIn is missing out on potential sales. It’s the perfect place for B2B lead generation in the UK or worldwide. 

If you have no experience with LinkedIn advertising, you could try it yourself. But is that a risk you’re willing to take? LinkedIn has tonnes of campaign types and targeting options. It’s probably going to take you a lot of time, playing around with money until you find what works.

Or you could use my LinkedIn advertising services. Here’s the steps I follow…

Rockstar Marketing Linkedin advertising
  • 1. First, I inspect the current online presence of your company and past LinkedIn campaigns
  • 2. Next, I study your business and your ideal clients (LinkedIn lets you get very targeted!)
  • 3. Here comes your part, letting me know what your goals are
  • 4.Finally, I formulate and create your LinkedIn Ads campaigns and increase your B2B revenue

My LinkedIn Advertising Services Plus Your LinkedIn Campaign Manager Account Equals

Increased visibility

Get more visibility for your business on the world’s largest B2B platform. 

More Leads

If done properly, LinkedIn Ads will result in more leads for your business.

Increased B2B Sales

Overall, this results in more B2B sales for your business. Rock on!


How do I create a LinkedIn Ads account?

Log in to your personal profile, and click Advertise (top right-hand corner). You’ll now be in LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Follow the next steps in order to create your LinkedIn Ads account.

How much does a LinkedIn Ad cost in the UK?

This is a difficult one to answer – it depends! On average, expect to pay around £4 per click on LinkedIn Ads. Your Ad relevance score is important here, a higher score can lower your costs significantly.

Can you run Ads from a personal LinkedIn account?

No. You cannot. In order to runs ads on LinkedIn, you need a LinkedIn company page. In order to create a company page, you do need a personal LinkedIn account, however. LinkedIn business pages take literally minutes to create, no worries! 

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