6 Best Marketing Tips for Website Design

Ravi Davda Rockstar Marketing CEO

Written by Ravi

Jul 3, 2021

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You might have a wonderful looking website. But if it’s not getting you more business leads, what’s the point of having it? Just building a beautiful website is not enough to draw more traffic to it. There are dozens of factors that can increase visitors that will stay longer and interact more with your website. The purpose of your website is to bring in more leads that will convert into customers. To achieve that, you must follow the best marketing tips for website design to reduce bounce rate. The bounce rate represents how soon a visitor leaves your website. When a person exits it within seconds of visiting it, this equals a high bounce rate.

As you can imagine, that’s bad for your website. You want them to stay longer and interact with various elements on your website. If they register, click on an ad, subscribe to your programme, or add products to the cart, your website is doing what it was designed for. Keep reading for our 6 best marketing tips for website design…

How To Design a Website To Boost Marketing

What you want is for the viewers to quickly get from the landing page to the thank you page of your website. A website should reduce the time it takes for a potential lead to reach from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom of the funnel and actually make a purchase or subscribe to your services.

Best Marketing Tips for Website Design

Not everyone knows how to improve their marketing efforts using a website. We decided to compile a list of the best marketing tips for website design, so you can actually increase sales or promote something on your website.

Optimise your website for conversions

Yes, you must be absolutely clear about what your aim is. Keep your website simple. Don’t make it confusing for your customers. They should know if they can get what they came for on your site. All the critical information should be big and bold. They shouldn’t need to scroll endlessly to reach the main conversion goal of the site.

Stocky images, unimportant paragraphs, or anything secondary should not steal attention from your sales goal. Map out the journey of your website visitors from the homepage to your intended goal. Guide them through CTA (call to action) through your sales funnel towards closing sales.

Use visual cues to nudge them towards a purchase

Websites typically have more content than what a new visitor can absorb in a few seconds. The attention span of your viewers could be short; you want them to notice the most important content on the website before they even think of leaving the website.

This can be achieved using a visual hierarchy. Using bold fonts, bright colours, and large-sized text to draw attention to the most important part of the website is an effective way to drive potential leads towards the next step in your sales funnel.

The more prominent font and colours are used to give visual cues to your website visitors regarding what is more important and what is less significant.

Marketing Tips for Website Design

Include social share buttons

A website can benefit your marketing and promotional efforts in multiple ways. One way is to include social share buttons so your current audience can share your blog posts with others on their social media accounts. This will help bring more interested folks to your website and thus increase the number of potential leads.

Social share buttons also remind your viewers that they can share it with their friends and relatives if they like the content. The more your audience shares your content, the more exponentially your brand will grow.

Make sure that every page on your website has those social share icons in a corner. Your audience should know that they can share your blogs without leaving the website.

Minimise distractions on a webpage 

We are not telling you to go completely minimalistic with your design, but get rid of complicated animations, stocky images, and unnecessarily long content that may detract users from the most important content of your website.

The attention span of most users is ridiculously low. You can’t expect them to look at everything on your webpage. So, the job of a website designer is to make the site as skimmable as possible, without too many distractions on the website.

The role of your website is to deliver your message with impact. The message could emphasise how your brand stands out, how it will benefit the customer, or it could be a description of your products and services. So, our best designers ensure that the message gets through to the viewers without irrelevant elements crowding the space.

Organise your navigation

A major reason why users bounce off from your web page instead of clicking your CTA could be disorganised or confusing navigation. If they don’t know how to find out the information they are looking for, they have no reason to stay.

Don’t blame their impatience, blame the poor website design. If you want your website to support your marketing tactics, it’s very important that users can easily navigate to every other page or section of your website. 

Include testimonials or reviews

We see a lot of websites that sell products have reviews missing from their pages. Whether you are selling products or services, reviews help build trust with your potential customers. They need to see real, honest reviews on the product page or the landing page of your website. 

About 90% of buyers read reviews before they can make a purchase decision. This is why our website designers never skip the testimonial section when designing a website. They always include the reviews part where you can show the reviews given by your previous customers.

Why do you need marketing tips for website design

Why do you need marketing tips for website design?

Well, a website serves many purposes. For example, offering a place to sell your products, a way for people to contact you, to publish business information, but a website is also immensely useful when it comes to digital marketing. 

It should encourage and nudge your viewers to move from the top of the sales funnel to the lower end and make an order. If it’s an e-commerce website, then you should market it so that more people will purchase from your site. If the purpose of your website is to build brand awareness, you want viewers to learn about the pros of your brand. 

More traffic on your website doesn’t equate to more conversions. People may visit your website and then bounce off. If that’s happening, you cannot improve your sales or boost brand awareness with your website. Real progress is made when you can turn visitors into customers or subscribers. 

Not getting marketing results? Try our experts!

There is no fixed recipe to get results with marketing. It really depends on the nature of your business what would make your website effective. You may think your website looks good, but it may still not be turning potential leads into customers. 

Our team of seasoned professionals design and improve websites to reduce the bounce rate and boost sales. We follow the latest industry trends and don’t leave you with something outdated and less effective. If you need a website for marketing your business, we are right here for you!


We have shared a list of ways to make your website better suitable for marketing your products or services. A website need not be merely a page that says something about your business. There are certain ways to make your website a magnet for organic traffic and converting your leads into your customers.

A lot of these marketing tips for website design may seem simple, but their effect is profound. More visitors will click on your CTA, and many of them will also actually make a purchase. But it is important that you focus on all of the critical elements of website design. Any minor errors can increase the bounce rate and you may find your site unable to retain visitors.

Following our tips, you will soon start to notice that the metrics of your website on Google analytics start to improve. If you are unsure how to implement these tricks, our team can assist you to build a new website or improve an older one.


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