19 Pros and Cons of Email Marketing in 2024

Ravi Davda Rockstar Marketing CEO

Written by Ravi

Jul 12, 2021

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Email marketing is a vital part of most digital marketing campaigns. Its high ROI is a major motivation for those willing to expand their market reach. It’s a simple but very important strategy once you master it. But each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. Once you realise the benefits of email marketing, you will gain a better understanding of how relevant it’s to your business goals. Here are the pros and cons of email marketing which you must know before you start your campaign.

Pros and Cons of Email Marketing: Pros

Every single penny counts

In a world flooded with marketing tools, email marketing always stands out to be a saviour when it comes to the cost-effectiveness of marketing tactics. It’s time to reward your writing skills and churn some revenue from the creatively crafted words hitting the sweet spots of consumer emotions.


What comes in handy with email marketing is the ease of scalability. It prevents you from struggling to plan a strategy to reach a large or small audience.

Emails can be sent to thousands of people at a click or tens of people at the same time. This is based on who you want to send an instant email drafted a couple of minutes ago.

19 Pros and Cons of Email Marketing in 2021

Easy segmentation

Emails not only help in delivering the categorically curated messages but also provide prolific information about the target audiences within a fraction of the time.

You can always segregate the segmented messages based on your audience profile to clear the clutter and confusion, and cater the right sample out of a vast population.

Dialogue is always better than a monologue

Most campaigns fail to attract customers when it is only written to chase the crowd. A customer needs to be heard. Email marketing makes it simpler for you and helps you to build a reputation with your customers when you are easily available as you want them to be reachable.

It does not only build relationships but also a sense of reliability and trust. Remember, marketing is an infinite game and is impacted by all your actions.

Faster than a telegram

Emails are modern telegrams. Doesn’t really matter where you are situated or what your GPS predicts. It can reach out even in the mountains or on the yacht. It consumes no time to reach and projects an instant response.

Word of mouth couldn’t be this easier

Why make it complex when it comes at negligible cost. Emails are the easiest way to capture your potential customer. This includes the existing ones when it comes to expanding the customer base.

An email a day makes the customers stay

Email marketing is the most effective and consistent tool to keep your customers updated about your latest policies, products, and prestigious information. Why waste money on other tools for marketing to ping your customers every day when it can be done almost at zero cost.

Personalised marketing

We never forget the gifts that come with cute cue cards written in our language of love. The most powerful strength of email marketing is that it provides you with an opportunity to connect with your potential customers in their language without any worldly barrier.

Real-time & Rational

A rational opinion and a real-time output are what build a business successful whether it is used to calculate the success matrix of the campaigns or building the next block of the campaign. It also keeps you in check of what is to be eliminated and what needs to be added.

Only a click away to conversion

A mail with links to your social pages and websites can get you instant sales if your content manages to have the desired effect on the recipients.

It is the fastest way to drive traffic with deliberate intent to fill pockets with opportunities and build further steps in the expansion of the customer portfolio.

Every next person uses emails

In these times, people are hesitant to share contact details except their email addresses. Hence the probability of finding a way to reach your potential leads becomes higher with email marketing. 

Pros and Cons of Email Marketing: Cons 

Did it just get spammed?

Too many emails a day can be irritating to the customers and it is seen as quite a generalised concern in the market of heavily tech-savvy consumers. So it is of utmost importance not to send emails to the customers who do not fully comply with your brand positioning and segmentation.

Have a check on your brand’s compliance policies in terms of privacy and target audience. It’s critical to avoid blunders and to build a positive reach instead of getting rejected in the beginning.

How can we forget the user interface?

In times when every other day, thousands of devices get launched in the market catering to a wide population of tech-savvy consumers, one cannot ignore the important and integral role of making your content accessible on every kind of platform. 

Your email should be as concise as your brand vision to fit in any size of the device. The hassle of moving from one device to another device is not needed at all.

How can we forget the user interface?

Every single font matters 

Readability is the most critical part of any message written with the intent to convey the right emotions. While words play a fundamental role, fonts set an exceptional plot to engage an individual on the side of the screen.

Bulky and unclear fonts generate monotony and a mundane notion in the middle of reading, whereas neat and readable writing makes it fluid and easy to grasp the message as quickly as the speed of light.

Design & Aesthetics

A well-designed template with simpler aesthetics has a wider reach compared to a complex design approach and cluttered template.

It has to be kept in mind while making an ideal template for your aspiring brand to have a simple design language and an easy to recall aesthetics speaking the language of your brand to have a longer recalling power. Attaching photos and bulky banners might frustrate the consumer and can lead to losing a potential customer.

An undelivered mail 

Despite having a well-knitted network of network providers, the emails you send the customers may be undelivered due to various reasons along with the filters set under the restrictions to keep more premium or private.

You need to have a check that you do not use terms such as “money” or “free”. This is because the emails containing these terms are likely to get categorised as spam or promotional emails.

Glocal (Globally local)

When it comes to language, the mother tongue is elementary to understand the expression written in the words. Many times, the majority of mails go unnoticed due to the barrier of language as it consumes a lot of time and effort to understand the message written. 

So, it is highly recommended to write emails in vernacular language serving the specific geographical demography. This is for better customer profiling and fruitful reach to target the right audience. And also stand out to understand their needs and provide the solutions that are sought by the audience.

Inconsistency leads to a disconnect in marketing

Consistent posting to your contact is an effective way to keep the inertia up. A break in the updates or emailing only when you need to sell can lead to the huge gap between you and your brand. And this make you appear like a desperate and needy brand instead of an organic, sound, and understandable entity. It is always important to be all ears to make it a two-way street.

Skillset & Resources 

The fundamental and foremost rule of email marketing is having the right copy. Having it set in the right tone, and having the right to-do list. In the absence of these, no entire email marketing tactic can be worked. 

It is always a wiser decision to have a skilled individual on board to convey the brand message in sync with the brand image. It is easier to invest in apt resources than to lose the well-built goodwill of a brand.


Email marketing is not something to leave behind when crafting a digital marketing strategy. Now that you know the pros and cons of email marketing, you will realise that for most businesses, this can be a very economical way to promote a brand or boost sales

If you haven’t explored this marketing way before, it’s time you give it a thought. Our team of UK email marketing professionals are always eager to show you the way forward with all types of digital marketing. We hope you have learned the pros and cons of email marketing so that you will execute the best email campaigns with ease.


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