The 6 Step Guide For Remarketing LinkedIn Ads

6 Step guide for remarketing linkedin ads
Ravi Davda Rockstar Marketing CEO

Written by Ravi

Aug 11, 2021

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Remarketing Linkedin ads is not a choice. It’s a necessity. Without remarketing, you are leaking your ad budget. You are gathering leads that can disappear without a trace. Let us explain. The average conversion rate for a landing page is 6.1 %. This means, that only 6.1% of the expensive traffic you send to your website will convert.

What happens to the rest? They may be unsure. So, they explore the website maybe. They could decide that they are not ready to take action yet. Then they hit that dreaded ‘X’ button on the web browser. Once they exit your website, they are gone forever. That’s unless you remarket your ad campaigns.

What is remarketing LinkedIn ads?

Understanding Remarketing Linkedin ads and matched audiences

Remarketing is targeting visitors who have engaged with your business. It’s getting a second chance at changing an indecisive visitor to a customer. Remarketing campaigns will gather data about Linkedin users who engage with your ad, or with your business website. It can be as simple as liking a post or watching a video. Maybe they filled a lead generation form and then abandoned it midway. Some users may visit your website and then exit.

Linkedin collects all this granular data to run targeted campaigns to show a set of different ads to these users. Why did they not complete the intended goal? What stage of the conversion funnel are they at? You can use the data to create highly targeted ad campaigns. Normal Linkedin users cannot see your remarketing ads, mind you. It is reserved for the audience who are aware of your business already. It’s that nudge towards the campaign goal.  

Statistics reveal that click-through rates for remarketed ads can be 10 times higher. That’s not all. It can increase trademark search behaviour by 1046%. That said, remarketing LinkedIn ads is not as easy as running normal ad campaigns. It’s a more specialised campaign type that requires an astute understanding of audience targeting and budget allocation. However, we have created an easy 6-step checklist for businesses looking to remarket on Linkedin. Here it is.

Step #1 – Understanding Matched Audiences for remarketing linkedin ads

Facebook ads started audience targeting in 2013. Google announced it soon after in 2015. But it was only in 2017 that Linkedin bit the bullet. They called it ‘matched audiences’. This is a catchall phrase used to describe audience targeting on Linkedin ads. Linkedin offers three primary targeting options at present.

There’s the company targeting, contact targeting & retargeting. In this article, we will focus solely on retargeting or remarketing. It’s the same thing with interchangeable terms. Initially, retargeting options were limited. But in a recent update, Linkedin has added more granular options. This pits it against the big boys of the PPC world that are Google and Facebook.

But as we always repeat, Linkedin has a distinct advantage. It is the B2B playground of the industry. Also, it is the only professional social network with 40-million decision-makers for an audience. That’s why it’s crucial that you do not let even a single lead go by without remarketing LinkedIn ads.

Step #2 – Website Audiences for remarketing linkedin ads

Website audiences

The first one is website audiences. This is perhaps the easiest remarketing LinkedIn ads campaign. The campaign rule is simple. Anyone who lands on your website and exits is a potential target. You can segment create audiences based on the type of engagement though. You can use three URL targeting rules to set the campaign.

  • Starts with
  • Equals
  • Contains

‘Equals’ is like exact match keywords on PPC. It will target only the visitors who land on the exact web page you specify. Let’s say you want to show targeted ads to audiences who visited your secondary services page, but did not convert. So you will use the exact match of the URL. For instance –


But if you want to target everyone who visits your blog, you will use the ‘Starts With’ URL box instead. Your target URL will look something like this.


As you can see, the second one is broader and will target every user who lands on any blog post on the website. The first one narrows it down to the users who visited that web page only. The third one is the ‘contains’ rule. This setting works when you want to target audiences who visit two web pages.

For instance, an eCommerce store might want to target audiences who visit two specific categories of products. They can add both category pages to the equals and contains URL boxes.

A study reveals that website traffic can increase by up to 726% in just one month after retargeting. What’s stopping you from running a remarketing LinkedIn ads campaign for your website visitors? It’s really easy to set up. Just install the ‘Linkedin Insight Code’, which is a snippet of code that gathers the data. For further details, speak to a LinkedIn marketing agency in Birmingham.

Step #3 – Video Retargeting – Fast Gaining Popularity

remarketing linkedin ads for video engament

If you run video ads, you have to consider video remarketing Linkedin ads. As implied by the name, these campaigns target users who interact with your video ad. Did you know that video ads have 3 times the engagement of text ads on Linkedin? So if you aren’t running video ads yet, now’s the time.

If a user has engaged with your video ad, it indicates interest in your product or service. They may not have converted into a customer due to various reasons. The ad was too long. It was too boring. They were too busy to see it. On that note, here are some best practices for video ads, recommended by Linkedin.

Remarketing allows you to show them a different video ad that’s more enticing than the first one. Essentially, you target the half-interested user again and show them something that appeals to them. You can create four types of audiences for targeting. This depends on the duration/length of the video ad that the user has watched.

For instance, you can set different campaigns for users who view 25%, 50%, 75%, or 97% of the ad. Linkedin also allows you to set the time span for targeting. You can choose viewers who saw your ad from 30 days in the past to 365 days. So it’s pretty extensive.  

Step #4 – Lead Gen Form Remarketing

Lead Gen Forms are one of the most popular Linkedin Ad types. Most B2B businesses use it to generate highly targeted leads. That of course is just scraping the surface of what’s possible with lead gen forms. At Rockstar Marketing, we have used lead gen forms to increase subscriptions, ebook downloads and webinar registrations to name a few.

A great example of a lead gen form

Remarketing LinkedIn ads let you target the users who have engaged with your form. You have two options to create audiences. Those who opened your form, regardless of whether they submitted it or not. The second one is those who submitted it but did not follow up. The timespan is identical to the other remarketing options. You can choose from 30 days to 365 days in the past.

Step #5 – Company Page Audience

We are pretty sure that you would have a company page on Linkedin. Do you know who engages with the page? The ones who view the page? Who clicks on a header button? If you don’t, then you might be missing out on vital leads.

The Company Page audience remarketing option allows you to create a custom audience based on their interaction with your company page. There are two options. The ones who view the page. Secondly, the ones who click on any header button. Company Page audience can be very useful for recruiting campaigns.

Step #6 – Event Audiences remarketing Linkedin Ads

Linkedin’s event ads are one of the most effective ones for a wide range of business goals. The name makes it sound limited for use with promotional events. But that’s not true. Event promotions closely overlap more generic promotional ads. For instance, you can run a webinar that grants user’s exclusive access to your Black Friday Sales.

Heres a event ad that you can use for remarketing linkedin ads before the event

That’s an event ad that’s tied to a bigger, secondary goal. You might however encounter a lot of incomplete engagement on your event ads. That’s where remarketing LinkedIn ads come into the picture. You can remarket your offer to the people who chose to attend the event but did not for past events. What’s amazing is that you can even remarket to people who chose to attend an upcoming event. Think of this as a reminder campaign so that they don’t miss the date.

Some Basic Rules for Remarketing Linkedin Ads

Remarketing is one of the most underrated PPC strategies. That’s regardless of which PPC platform you are using. But, there are some basic rules that will maximise the effectiveness of these ad campaigns.

  1. At least 300 Members – Your audience needs to have at least 300 members for remarketing. This means that at least 300 members need to have interacted with your marketing channels.
  2. You need to segment – Remarketing ads seem like a no-brainer once you understand the basics. But without segmenting and really narrowing down on your target audience, you might leak your ad budget repeatedly.

That’s why we always recommend that you work with a skilled digital marketing team. At least you can get max ROAS and avoid trial and error with your hard-earned money.

To Sum it up

Every interaction that you’ve received with paid ads should be nurtured until they convert. Many a time, all they need is a little push. Remarketing LinkedIn ads allow you to do just that. If you want to revamp your existing Linkedin ad campaigns, speak to us. We can help you maximise your ad spend.


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