What Is Google Ads Editor? All You Need To Know

What Is Google Ads Editor?
Ravi Davda Rockstar Marketing CEO

Written by Ravi

Nov 14, 2021

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Businesses running DIY Google ads campaigns often use the browser interface for altering Google ads campaigns. That’s an accessible way to use Google ads for sure, that’s more commonly used. But there’s also Google Ads Editor, which is a more efficient and faster way to make changes to your campaigns. Are you wondering what is Google Ads editor?

Google Ads editor is an underrated and underused tool for managing Google Ads campaigns. It offers some great advantages. Particularly, if you have multiple campaigns running simultaneously.

But surprisingly, not many businesses or even marketers are aware of Google ads editor. That’s why we have created this blog post. Today, we are going to decode the Google Ads Editor for you.

What is Google Ads Editor?

The Google Ads Editor is a desktop application built by Google to create and manage multiple Google ads accounts at the same time. It is PPC agencies who typically use it. But we’re witnessing a lot more people switching over to Google ads editor these days.

It’s more user friendly. Saves you time on ad account organisation and management. It’s more powerful than you ever imagined. So, why would you not want to utilise it?

What are the advantages of Google Ads editor?

Google Ads Editor comes with a user-friendly interface and offers some great advantages. See below:

It’s an offline tool

Google ads editor is an offline tool. It doesn’t require an Internet connection for usage. Otherwise, you can use it anywhere and at any time.

It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. The key here is that all the changes that you make to an ad campaign or account happen offline. You then upload the changes to the account when you are online.

There’s more room for error

Unlike the online interface, the changes don’t go live instantly. This means that there’s a more margin of error. You can try a lot of different things before pushing them live. The changes go live when you upload the account or campaign.

You get greater control over your campaigns.

Google ads editor is an offline tool

In the online interface, there are chances that you click an ‘apply’ button without knowing it’ll make changes to the account. In the editor, you can’t do that.

The editor is more user friendly and powerful than the online interface. And it’s just great to have an insight into everything that has happened in one place.

You can compare and contrast the future/historical performance of your ad campaigns at the same time. This is particularly useful if you are running multiple campaigns.

When you begin editing an account, the editor automatically creates a snapshot of your account. You can later revert back to it anytime you want.

What’s the Google ads editor – It’s a tool for multiple ad account management

With the editor, you can manage multiple accounts at the same time. Picture managing multiple ad accounts and numerous campaigns on the online interface. Google has constantly tried to improve the interface. But it’s still cluttered and you cannot efficiently manage multiple accounts on the online interface.

Ads Editor paves the way for smoother multi ad account management. Everything is laid out to perfection. You can navigate and jump instantly to accounts, campaigns and ads.

The editor is all about efficiency.

The editor offers you more filtering options. You can quickly filter out your campaigns based on the ad group, date, bid strategy, budget type, custom parameters, network and a lot more.

You can create labels and use them for organisation.

Labelling is an important part of Google ads management. The label system in Ads Editor allows you to highlight, filter and search campaigns easily. You can create your own labels or use the defaults ones in place.

Using Google Ads Editor for newbies

So, you love what you’ve read so far. You’ve decided to switch over to the Ads Editor. But, you have no clue how to get started. The interface looks entirely different from the UX on the online interface.

Here’s a guide to the interface for first-timers.

The Birds Eye View

The Google ads editor birds eye view

Google Ads Editor gives you a birds-eye view of all the campaigns and ad groups that you have on your account. This is what you’ll see once you log into your editor.

The campaigns and ad group tabs at the top let you jump to a particular campaign or ad group instantly. The search box helps find things quickly, as it searches through ads, keywords, labels and more.

The editor allows you to quickly spot things with the help of filters. If you are running multiple campaigns or are managing numerous ad groups, you can filter them based on labels, bid strategy etc.

But a lot of people miss the icons. The icons show you the exact campaign type. There’s the lens or magnifying glass, which shows a search campaign. YouTube campaigns have a video icon.

Lastly, there’s an icon that shows you when the account is synced with Google’s servers online.

The Toolbar on top

The Toolbar is what you see on top of the editor interface. This is where you get all the contextual help and information about various features and functions of the ads editor.

There are four primary features you can access with the toolbar.

  • You can add or open a new ad account
  • It lets you download any changes that you might have made recently to the account
  • You can post any changes that you may have made offline, or check for changes
  • It lets you check account statistics

The Tree View menu on the left side

This is a collapsible navigation menu that lets you select, collapse and edit the accounts, campaigns and ads. This menu is similar to the navigation bar on the online interface. You can expand or collapse it as per your preference. Just click on the arrow next to the main menu link to collapse it.

The Type List Menu under the Tree View

The Type List Menu is a menu on the left side of the interface which contains all the objects in your account. For instance, you can select an ad group in Tree View. Then you select keywords in the Type List and it shows you the keywords in that particular ad group.

The Data View Menu

The Data view menu further expands on the selection in the type list. In the above example, you can view keyword data or any other data based on the selection in the first two menus.

The Edit Panel on the right

Once you select a particular data, you can edit the details for those on the panel on the right. This is called the ‘Edit Panel’. Clicking on any bit of data brings to open the edit panel for you.

What is Google Ads Editor – A tool that simplifies complex tasks

We spoke about the obvious advantages of Google Ads Editor. But there are many more, which are not so obvious.

If you have wondered what is Google ads editor and why you should use it, here are some more reasons.

You can tweak data across accounts

One of the recent features of Ads Editor is cross account management. This allows marketers to tweak and update data across accounts. For instance, you can change campaign settings for all campaigns in a client account.

You can add keywords to all campaigns across accounts, if relevant. Lastly, you can select accounts and download data for those.

Applying Negative Keywords

Ads editor lets you share negative keywords across the account

Negative keywords are very useful in PPC. Rockstar Marketing’s PPC team uses this as one of our primary strategies to keep our search campaigns efficient. You can use Google Adwords Editor to share your negative keywords across all your accounts.

Instead of entering negative keywords one ad group at a time, just click and share it if the account has numerous ad groups. This saves you both time and energy!

Streamline the Panes

Not every marketer uses all parameters on offer. An example is Video ID. This is a useful parameter in certain campaigns. But it’s practically useless in search campaigns. However, the default pane has all parameter fields switched on.

This only adds to clutter. The Ads editor allows you to hide useless data from your interface. It helps you focus on the information that’s relevant to you and your business.

Keep Track of errors

Time and again, you come across a specific error in the ads editor interface. With ads editor, you can quickly search by the error type. This will display all accounts and campaigns that share the same issue.

What is Google ads editor – A tool that lets you create custom rules for optimisation

Google Ads editor allows you to create rules. These custom rules can be as simple as applying a negative keyword to all ads that don’t use it. Or they can be more complex, such as pausing a campaign in case it does not perform.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Google Ads Editor is one of the most useful tools in any PPC marketer’s arsenal. It allows you to manage multiple accounts and campaigns with ease and efficiency.

Most importantly, it helps you simplify complex processes such as negative keywords and rule-based optimisations. In case your PPC campaigns are underperforming, speak to us. Our UK Google Ads agency can help.


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