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Ravi Davda Rockstar Marketing CEO

Written by Ravi

Oct 16, 2022

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WhatsApp is creating new channels for corporate and consumer communication. Ecommerce companies can be seen utilising the different functions of the WhatsApp Business API in several ways to enhance the shopping experience they provide to customers, including offering shopping assistance to clients, sending reminders about abandoned carts, running broadcast promotional offers, and much more.

However, in order for WhatsApp marketing to be effective, you must stand out and encourage customers to contact your company over the messaging app. Whilst incorporating a WhatsApp button into your webpage can work, its growth can be sluggish, and it is very consumer-dependent.

But it’s not only eCommerce. Even service businesses like consultancies, marketing agencies, construction, legal services, travel, and more are making use of these incredibly useful ads.

Here, we’ll go over all you need to know about WhatsApp ads, also known as Click-to-WhatsApp ads!

Click-to-WhatsApp ads: What are they?

Similar to the Facebook and Instagram advertising that appears when you click the “send message” option, Click-to-WhatsApp ads are displayed. But these advertisements start a conversation in WhatsApp as opposed to directing a user to the platform’s messaging space.

Here is an illustration of what a Click-to-WhatsApp ads looks like:

Image 1 - Click to whatsapp ads

For the time being, the following places are eligible for Click-to-WhatsApp ads:

  • Instagram: Stories, explore, Feed
  • Facebook: Stories, news feed, Marketplace

Why should you try out Click-to-WhatsApp ads?

The majority of business advertisers and marketers are still learning about Click-to-WhatsApp ads. But these are a few reasons why we believe it’s a potential channel to use: 

  • No matter what business you’re in or what you sell, the bulk of your target audience is using WhatsApp actively, as there are 40.41 million WhatsApp users in the UK
  • You may reach out to the 2 billion monthly users of WhatsApp worldwide if you sell abroad
  • According to studies, 70% of consumers believe that “SMS marketing” is an effective strategy for companies to catch their attention
  • Before making a purchase, customers want to communicate with businesses and engage with them
  • In comparison to other types of mobile marketing, such as video advertising, banner or regular display ads, and email, 59% of respondents from around the world said they prefer SMS and push campaigns
  • Users spend 18.6 hours a month using WhatsApp on average

Tangible results

Not only that, though. If statistics are to be trusted, WhatsApp has also been shown to provide businesses with hopeful outcomes, according to a study performed by Shopify.

  • The messaging app makes it simple for customers to communicate, which can help produce 200–300 leads per day.
  • Due to its widespread use, WhatsApp broadcasts and advertisements typically have an open rate of 99%
  • Due to its clear call-to-actions, WhatsApp ad campaigns also see 45–50% click-through rates on campaigns
  • With the use of automated reminders and WhatsApp marketing strategies, businesses may retrieve up to 60% of dropped carts. Here’s an example of a business that did this.
  • The messaging software has the ability to boost service efficiency and expedite customer assistance by 200%
  • Businesses may increase their user engagement by over 83% with targeted WhatsApp marketing efforts

When you take into account how frequently people use WhatsApp and how well campaigns perform throughout the buyer’s journey, you’ll understand why integrating your social media ad campaign and WhatsApp marketing initiatives is the trick to boosting conversions in a cutthroat industry.

‘Send message’ campaigns have long been part of social media ads. The same approach works for Click-to-WhatsApp advertising as well!

Remember that these types of advertisements work best when selling products that need some encouragement or motivation to sell. For instance, when you offer products for customised clothing and need customer information to place an order. Give your visitors a direct path to your website at all other times. The longer the path, the lower your conversion rates.

The many uses of WhatsApp ads

1. Take orders and bookings on WhatsApp

Your business profile most likely has a catalogue lined up to show the goods and services you provide if you’re using the WhatsApp Business API. This collection can be advertised on Facebook and Instagram with an offer that can only be accessed by contacting you on WhatsApp.

2. Take pre-orders

You can also get pre-bookings/pre-orders using Click-to-WhatsApp advertising if you’re introducing a limited-edition item or a new collection. It’s a far more clever approach to gauge consumer interest and intent regarding the upcoming product, share information about it and close the deal through conversation – much like how an Apple employee can persuade you to pre-book an iPhone simply by chatting to you about the characteristics it will have.

3. Take reservations

Click-to-WhatsApp ads could also be used to make reservations for a service if you happen to be in the industry. For instance, say you work in a hotel that’s offering a discount on some rooms. WhatsApp ads could be a great way to not only get consumers interested in the idea of booking a room but also get them on board through conversation – and what better way to initiate said conversation than through WhatsApp ads?

4. Assistance with your shopping

Use Click-to-WhatsApp ads if you have a new product type on the market or a product that frequently requires help to make an informed purchase. Use your social media ads to market the goods, but instead of sending the customer to your website, direct them to the chatbot and provide assistance with things like available variants, sizing, fits, and more. Once the customer has the details they require, you may also finish the sale using WhatsApp commerce.

5. Pick up abandoned carts

To recover abandoned carts, everyone has redirected ads lined up on social media. But what if you started a discussion instead of sending the client back to the page they came from on your website? To close the deal, use Click-to-WhatsApp advertising to comprehend cart abandoners, provide assistance, and give product recommendations.

6. Learn more about your customers

Getting to know your current consumers better is another method to employ Click-to-WhatsApp ads. For example, you could offer a special discount to consumers who WhatsApp their birthdate to you or ask for their address to send them locally relevant specials and discounts.

7. Handle customisation requests

Conversations can result in increased conversions for you if you’re providing print-on-demand or product customisation. Use Click-to-WhatsApp advertising to initiate a discussion with a customer rather than letting them browse the options on your social media pages or website. Use the various interactive message features offered by the WhatsApp Business API to steer the conversation with clear questions and options.

To put it simply, there isn’t just one way to employ Click-to-WhatsApp ads. They can be used in a variety of ways to gather consumer intent, and customer information, create a subscriber list, maintain client engagement, and expand your business!

However, you need to set up a few fundamentals before you can create Click-to-WhatsApp advertising.

Requirements for creating Click-to-WhatsApp ads

Sign up for a WhatsApp Business account

Create a business account as the first step in starting up WhatsApp ads. Use the WhatsApp Business app to accomplish this, or join up with a company like Interakt or Zoko that offers WhatsApp Business API solutions.

This account differs from your ordinary number in that it contains extra information about your company. A WhatsApp Business account allows you access to additional features of the messaging service, including a profile picture (logo), business name, address, website URL, catalogue, and more.

Include your WhatsApp Business number on your Facebook page

The next step is to link your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook account. This will automatically sync it to your Instagram account, which should already be connected to your Facebook page. This essential action can be carried out under your business page’s settings.

How to create WhatsApp ads

How to Create WhatsApp Ads

1. Establish your company’s goals and objectives

Just as with other social media ads, when creating a Click-to-WhatsApp ad, be sure you have a specific business aim and goal in mind. It might be to raise brand exposure, produce more leads, promote customer engagement, get feedback from customers, qualify leads, and other goals.

2. Identify ad placements

Click-to-WhatsApp advertising is currently limited to just a few spots, as was previously noted. These advertisements can show across Facebook and Instagram news feeds, stories, Facebook marketplace, and Instagram explore.

Examine each placement and the layout of your ad visuals and copy with great consideration. You may enhance the visual experience you provide as a result, which will increase campaign engagement.

3. Compose your ad copy and graphics

The following step is for you to create the campaign’s ad copy and graphics. We advise making at least two variations of your advertising campaigns in order to keep them new and avoid ad fatigue, which lowers conversion rates.

Keep in mind to adhere to the best practices of maintaining eye-catching ad images and clear, actionable ad language. 

4. Enable WhatsApp automation

You’ll soon have a lot of conversations to handle as you begin to run Click-to-WhatsApp advertising in addition to the existing broadcasts and promotions you’re using the messaging platform for.

We advise making the most of automation by utilising a WhatsApp Business API solution provider in order to stay on top of all interactions. Use automation to keep stuff organised by developing unique processes that assist customers in exploring the items that are available, knowing your return policy, checking order status, and more.

5. Go live, take measurements, and improve!

You are now prepared to launch your Click-to-WhatsApp ads. It’s now time for you to assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and how it contributes to your company goals.

We can handle WhatsApp ads for you!

WhatsApp ads aren’t as straightforward as Facebook or Google Ads, that’s why they may prove a bit difficult to tackle for new marketers. Worry not, though, as we’re here to help. Book a discovery call with us today, and we’ll show you how we can WhatsApp work for your business!

WhatsApp ads – FAQs

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