10 Tips To Find The Best Website Design in Birmingham UK

Finding the best website design in Birmingham UKk
Ravi Davda Rockstar Marketing CEO

Written by Ravi

Jul 25, 2021

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A Birmingham business looking to revamp their website would naturally look for the best website design in Birmingham UK. Most businesses want to find someone close to their workplace. Working with local service providers offers many advantages. But so does working with remote professionals. It’s 2024. Professionals are no longer bound by geographical constraints. Nor should you be. Some of the best website design in Birmingham UK, might be working out of London. Some work from Coventry. Or even somewhere in Europe. Does it make a difference? We don’t think so.

In fact, looking beyond local markets can give you access to broader talent pools. There are other advantages too. Price is one of them. Having said that, we understand the scepticism that comes with hiring remote professionals. To that end, we have created a 10-point checklist.

Tips To Find The Best Website Design – Top 10!

This will help you find the best website design in Birmingham UK regardless of where they are based. Let’s dive in.

Tip 1 – Map out the scope of your project

Many businesses log on to Google and shoot enquiries to the top 10 website design companies in the UK they find. Pause for a second and take a step back. Do you have your project mapped out? If yes, then recheck the list with what we have shared below. If not, then now’s the time. Here’s a checklist that we recommend:

  • How large is the project
  • The number of pages on the site
  • A list of your expected features and functionalities
  • Do you need a developer or just the front end UX design?
  • Are you also looking for marketing help?
  • Do you also need a copywriter?
  • The Top 5 Websites (design) that you liked recently
  • Even better if they are from the same industry (We will explain why)
  • Your budget

The answers to these questions will help you narrow down faster. That’s because not all companies can offer all the features. Some are professional designers who only design & UX. They do not handle development. If you are looking for SEO services in Birmingham, you need an encompassing service. Maybe a business that offers end to end services, like ours.

Tip 2 – Four ways to Look for the Best Website Design in Birmingham UK

Finding local Website Design in Birmingham UK

Let’s find local service providers first. You can do it in multiple ways.

  • Log on to Google and make a list of the top options
  • Check Facebook groups for recommendations
  • Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations
  • Visit review platforms to find the best options

We recommend making a list of at least 5 companies. Then run their services through the list we shared in Step 1. Once you have a final list of choices, let’s start comparing them.

Tip 3 – Visit their websites

Visit the website of the company that you wish to hire for Website Design in Birmingham UK

We always start from home page when evaluating service providers. With web designers, the job is a lot easier. Visit their websites. At one glance, does it look like the Best Website Design in Birmingham UK? Any website design company worth their salt will try to put their best efforts while designing their own website. It’s a mirror into their design capabilities. You can also get a fair idea of their technological expertise.

If you like the aesthetics, evaluate the ease of use. Does it load fast? Is the navigation simple? Is it responsive? What about user experience? It does not have to match your expectations for your own website though. It just needs to be visually attractive and functional. If everything is to your liking, move on to the next step.

Tip 4 – Check their portfolio

Portfolios are trickier to evaluate than they seem. Every website design company will have a sparkling one to show you. But there may be more to it than what meets the eye. Visit the websites that they claim to have designed. Use the same parameters to evaluate those sites. Check the footer. Most website designers use footer credits and a link to their website. If you find the link, it means they still work for the company.

Check at least 3 to 5 random websites from the portfolio. Make a list of the things you like in their work. Similarly, make a list of the things you don’t. Also of things that you would love to see.

Tip 5 – Put a face to the name while selecting the Best Website Design in Birmingham UK

Time to make that call. First-time calls are great tools. It usually reveals more than you think it does. That’s precisely why we call it a ‘Discovery Call’ at Rockstar Marketing. It helps us understand our clients. We get an idea of their expertise. It lets us watch the world through their lens.

What do they expect? How can we best fulfil those expectations? It’s mostly about them and little about us. By the way, we have a skilled team of website designers at Rockstar Marketing. You can give us a holler any time.

Coming back to the call, here are some tips to evaluate the Best Website Design in Birmingham UK.

  • Do they listen to your ideas – Nobody understands your industry and business like you do. It’s imperative that they acknowledge your expertise. If they are constantly cutting you off, it’s a red flag. If they do not listen to you, it’s a huge red flag. Some businesses like to push ideas. We are all for ideation, mind you. We do it ourselves during our digital marketing consultancy calls. But it’s never at the cost of active listening.
  • They should have their own ideas – On the flip side, you don’t need robots who say yes to everything. That’s a red flag too. They are probably more eager to close the deal. The Best Website Design in Birmingham UK should be confident. They should have their own ideas and thoughts. You don’t need a designer to make a replica of what you expect. Designers bring fresh perspectives into ideas. Look for teams that have the confidence to back their vision.
  • They should be open to more conversations – Lastly, the business should be open to conversing frequently. We have never closed a website design consultancy call in one single conversation.

Tip 6 – Analyse the Best Website Design in Birmingham UK for tech savviness

Does the company know about Google’s web-design guidelines? What about the industry-wide best practices? You’d be surprised to know that most web designers don’t. Google’s constant innovations to improve search now feature ‘design’ more frequently. It’s important that the business is updated with the latest ones.

  • What page load times do they promise?
  • Are they aware of things that bloat a website?
  • What about responsiveness?
  • Do they integrate Google Analytics?
  • What CMS (Content Management System) will they use to design? – This one is particularly important. CMS will make it effortless to update your website. You might still require their assistance from time to time. But most things are manageable. If they pitch using HTML, which is a static site, you need another service provider.

These are some of the questions that will help analyse their tech savviness.

Tip 7 – Analyse their understanding of User Experience

Design is more about user experience than aesthetics in 2024. Google uses User Experience as a ranking factor. More importantly, user experience determines the effectiveness of your website. Let’s assume that you have a service website with a conversion goal. You might be sending cold traffic to the site. Your design will help the traffic move through the funnel.

Is the Best Website Design in Birmingham UK company aware of how to design conversion-friendly sites? It may sound too complex. But conversions can be amplified with information architecture. Designers can use usage patterns. Don’t forget powerful Call-to-action buttons. Why, our design team even uses colour psychology during ideation. Design is a catchall phrase. But there’s so much that you can do with it.

Tip 8 – Industry Relevant Experience can be helpful while selecting the Best Website Design in Birmingham UK

It’s not mandatory to have industry-relevant experience. But it’s a great additional feather in the cap. One that should be a great motivator to select one company over the other. That said, sometimes it’s tough. There are certain industries that are not as commonplace. For instance, you may be a B2B website selling ‘spice oleoresins’. You cannot really expect to find a design company that has designed similar websites all the time. You might, but it’s not assured.

Another way to analyse the competency is to look for diverse experiences. Look for design companies that have experience across industries. Diversity helps prevent repetitiveness. It assures you that your site won’t look like a cheap clone of 100 others.

Tip 9 – Their understanding of SEO

Sooner or later, you will decide to market your website on the Internet. It can be SEO or social media optimisation. Your industry might be a great pick for Google ads. B2B businesses often use Linkedin ads. Either way, your website design must be marketing-friendly. SEO in particular is design-dependent.

Does the Website Design in Birmingham UK understand the connection with SEO?

Work with a company that understands this connection. They may not offer marketing services themselves. It’s even better if they do. You get to work with a single team as opposed to multiple service providers. Rockstar Marketing offers end-to-end services to our clients. From design conceptualisation to marketing, we do it all. But even if the Best Website Design in Birmingham UK does not offer it, they must be aware of how this works. This will save you time later on. It will also help avoid reverse engineering.

Tip 10 – Do you like them?

In the end, it boils down to this. They might be skilled with years of experience. Some businesses have fancy websites and glowing recommendations. But if you don’t like them, it’s not going to be a smooth ride. Work with businesses that you like. It can be for trivial reasons mind you. But it’s critical that you gel together.

Closing thoughts

Selecting the Best Website Design in Birmingham UK seems like a no-brainer. But it’s one of the most important decisions you will make. So spend some time making the choice. If you need any assistance, Rockstar Marketing’s design team is all ears.


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